FB Gorilla

FB Gorilla is a WordPress Plugin Which Allows Users to Automate FaceBook Like Never Before.

FB Gorilla is an ingenious WordPress plugin which allows users to automate their FaceBook posts not only on their own timeline but also in groups as well. The real unique selling point of FB Gorilla however, is that it actually improves your posts by allowing you to grab all the best content from Youtube, Amazon, Yahoo, RSS, Flickr, ITunes and even some Flash Games.. Not only will your posts stand out from the crowd , they will naturally attract greater levels of engagement (shares and comments) and ultimately boost your FaceBook Edgerank allowing you to reach wider audiences. Added to that Amazon and iTunes run two of the most popular affiliate programs on the web and you have a beast of a marketing tool in FB Gorilla.

FB Gorilla

If you have ever wondered how some FaceBook bloggers seem to attract more engagement with their posts than you do? STOP WONDERING. Get FB Gorilla!

It isn’t by accident, it is by design. It is by design that they are sharing topical, controversial, exciting and funny content. That’s because they want you to comment, like and share their posts. They want you to do this because it boosts their Edgerank. The higher their Edgerank climbs, the more people see their posts. The more people see their posts, the more respect and authority they build. The more respect and authority they build, the money they can make.( admittedly many of them do it for the Kudos alone.)

FaceBook is by far the biggest and most popular blogging platform on the Internet with over a billion active users making it the largest online community in the world! FB Gorilla will help your posts stand out from the crowd.

If your posts have been a little lack lustre recently, or you just have a hard time finding anything ‘interesting’ to post then FB Gorilla is going to transform your whole FaceBook experience! You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to generate comments, likes and shares when you have access to all the best content available literally at your fingertips. Not only will you begin to grow your following and generate more affiliate sales, but you’ll also be able to automate almost all of your posts saving you hours everyday to go do something less boring instead like go outside and get some fresh air, meet real 3D people and go shopping with your profits! FB Gorilla can even be left to do it’s stuff while you go on holiday.

FB Gorilla

Don’t be A wallflower on FaceBook be A Gorilla!                                                                FB Gorilla